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Port to Pub is an annual ocean swimming race near Perth, Western Australia. Founded in 2016 by Ceinwen Roberts, it is an alternative opportunity to cross the Rottnest Channel, in addition to the Rottnest Channel Swim. Two courses are offered: a 19.7 km direct channel crossing from Leighton Beach to Rottnest Island; and a 25 km route which adds a 5 km loop course before the channel crossing.

In 2018, Port to Pub was canceled after the start due to rough conditions. In 2020 and 2022, the event was canceled due to COVID-related public health concerns.

Port to Pub route
Route Swims Fastest
Leighton Beach to Hotel Rottnest 285 Ben Jimmieson - 04:49:20 (2023)
Leighton Beach buoy loop, cross to Hotel Rottnest 205 Max Coten - 05:13:50 (2023)

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  • 2016 (33 finishers)
  • 2017 (55 finishers)
  • 2019 (66 finishers)
  • 2021 (90 finishers)
  • 2023 (89 finishers)
  • 2024 (157 finishers)

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