Rottnest Channel

The Rottnest Channel separates Rottnest Island from the Western Australia mainland near Perth. It is the site of the 19.7 km Rottnest Channel Swim, the most popular marathon swim race in the world as measured by total swims (over 4,500 since 1956). Port to Pub has organized second race across the channel since 2016. The channel is also frequently crossed as a solo swim.

The minimum distance across the channel is 17 km (10.5 miles), from Fremantle. The Rottnest Channel Swim route (Cottesloe Beach to Hotel Rottnest) and Port to Pub route (Leighton Beach to Hotel Rottnest) are both 19.7 km. Port to Pub also organizes a 25 km route which includes a 5 km swim parallel to shore at the start.

This page displays a combined list of all known successful Rottnest Channel swims, including the Rottnest Channel Swim race, Port to Pub, and solo swims ratified by the Rottnest Channel Swimming Association.