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UltraEbre Swim Marathon is an annual ~31km swim race in Spain's Ebre (or Ebro) River, from Tivenys to Amposta.

UltraEbre Swim Marathon route
Route Swims Fastest
Tivenys to Amposta 395 David Alcolado Durango - 04:21:38 (2020)

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  • 2012 (39 finishers)
  • 2013 (57 finishers)
  • 2014 (48 finishers)
  • 2015 (29 finishers)
  • 2016 (36 finishers)
  • 2018 (26 finishers)
  • 2019 (26 finishers)
  • 2020 (26 finishers)
  • 2021 (38 finishers)
  • 2022 (32 finishers)
  • 2023 (38 finishers)

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Reviewer: Bruno Hervas (August 2023)
Swam in 2021 (Finished). Entry fee: 170 EUR
OVERALL: ★️★️★️★️★️
Organization: ★️★️★️★️★️
Route/Course: ★️★️★️★️★️
Social Activities: ★️★️★️✩️✩️
Cost/Value: ★️★️★️★️★️
Comments: "Great race, at a low cost. Organization is very good, and the Race Director is always willing to help and clarify doubts (either on the phone or by mail). Race information during the previous weeks is very good. There is a hotel used as Headquarters. The Organization provides bus ride from there to the departure point, and from Finish to the hotel. Safety is OK, with 4/5 boats patrolling around (besides of your personal kayak). You can take a kayaker with you, or let the Organization get you one (though kayaks are supplied by the Organisation, as there are restrictions on the river due to invasive species). I have been there also 2 times as a kayaker. The organization of the kayaks is also great, though volunteer kayakers sometimes are not so good neither at navigation nor familiar with swimmers requirements for feeding."

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